At Kavosh Mehr we intent on being a company that the entire community is proud of. We invest greatly in people and technology. We have some extremely talented people who work with us to give our clients exceptional products and service.

We never satisfy with “good enough” we always aim for perfection and excellence. We work extremely hard and now and again get recognized for it as well.

Kavosh Mehr's team consist of experienced and innovative programmers and designers that are skilled in building complex, secure and engaging mobile and web applications.

Products & Partners

Over the years, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders to help bring the highest quality web development and Internet marketing services to our customers. Our partners strengthen our ability to offer best-in-class IT services. We partner with the best ecommerce designers, developers and marketers in the world to help our merchants succeed.

Our global network of certified experts can help you design and build a beautiful store, improve your marketing results, connect to critical business software, and more. We work with some great businesses and organisations to provide the best service to our clients. Our accreditations speak for themselves - when you work with Kavosh Mehr, you're working with a professional company that takes quality seriously.

We work with a great range of partners that are a perfect match for what we do. From local businesses to trusted worldwide providers, together we are stronger. We only work with the best. We understand that great products are made from great parts. That's why our main solutions utilize applications and softwares from three companies that are considered the best in the business.


Microsoft Partner

We are a registered Microsoft Partner and are able to offer their cloud based products alongside our own making life easier for yourself as you only have one point of call for all your website/email/domain queries.

As a Microsoft Certified design and development agency, Kavosh Mehr provides customized application and programming solutions, as well as Microsoft IT Consulting.


Google Partner

Members of our team have undertaken advanced training with Google and are able to offer specialist advice on Google Products ranging from G-Suite (the business version of Gmail) through to Google Adwords and Analytics. As a partner we are also able to offer these services direct to you at the same price you would pay if you went directly to Google. However with us you benefit from local support from people that know your business.


Orange Analytics Partner

Kavosh Mehr has partnered with Orange Analytics to provide our clients with robust web presence solutions. With over a decade of experience, Orange Analytics provides creative data mining and tracking services along with deliver stunning web and mobile applications that have a clear message and help you in achieving your business objectives.

Here are some other great businesses and organisations that we work with to provide the best service to our clients:

Our Portfolio

As a trusted Orange Analytics partner, we offer technology consulting and services that address the entire Orange Analytics solution lifecycle. From initial strategy through design, implementation and management, we focus on delivering Orange Analytics solutions that increase your competitive edge, amplify business effectiveness, scale IT as needs evolve and deliver tangible business results.

The Orange Analytics partner program allows us to stay versed in emerging Microsoft and Google technologies and heighten our skills in their deployment. program membership offers tools and resources to help us develop best-in-class web-based solutions for our clients.

Below are just a few of our more recent designs to review.